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Upamanyu Kar is a composer, arranger, orchestrator and a music educator. His compositions and orchestrations have been recognized by the global audience - in several occasions - as they have been performed by vocalists, musicians and by orchestras all over the world. While he has taught many pupils and trained many professional musicians, Upamanyu is also - one of the leading Music Arrangers in India, who works on – ‘Symphonic Arrangement’ – one of his Creative Researches.


Execution of the Creative Research often involve: Vocal(s), Choir, Orchestral Instruments and Ambient Sounds among other instruments / possibilities in order to enhance artistic feel. While such unique combination results in  -  Artistic Visual Soundscapes  -  it also helps the listener get relief from stress - due to combined aesthetics. 


A Short Note on "Symphonic Arrangement"

"Designing of Artistic Visual Soundscape is done (or, 'accomplished') by 

 expressing Word-painting through Pure Aural Aesthetics."


(Artist and Music Researcher, India.)  

 (While formulating the Purpose Statement of the Creative Research named as - "Symphonic Arrangement".) 





















The earliest form of execution of the Research named as "Symphonic Arrangement" had been done in 2018, in a Published Musical Album called Numerous Strings, for which Upamanyu was commissioned as the Orchestrator of the Entire Project. Afterwards, Upamanyu Kar has been commissioned on several occasions, while the forms of execution mostly involved Fully Recorded / Recorded-cum-live Productions and Musical Concerts, while being purposefully asked / requested to follow the same Model of Creative Research. Upamanyu, himself, has developed the model further over the years, and has also collaborated with other musicians, including composers, to work on the same. 

Here's a list of All Commissioned / Self-Produced Masterworks from the Archive of "Symphonic Arrangement": 

1.  Numerous Strings  (2018) - Commissioned Musical Album.   

2.  Naborupe Rabindranath  (2019) - Self-Produced Musical Album. 

3.  The Great Symphonic Dream  (2020) - Self-Produced, Virtual Musical Concert.  

4.  I, Rabindranath & She  (2020) - Commissioned Artistic Production.  

5.  Aasha Ki Lahar: Musical Hopes for a better tomorrow - Episode 1  (2021) - Virtual Fundraising Musical Concert for a Noble Cause during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

6.  The Royal Bengal Symphony  (2022) - Commissioned, Recorded-cum-live Musical Concert. 

7.  When Tagore Meets the West: Symphonic Presentations of the 5 Dance Dramas and Musical Dramas written by Rabindranath Tagore  (2022 - 2024):  A Fully Funded, Research-based Creative Project Sponsored by The Centre for Cultural Reseources and Training (CCRT), New Delhi - Under the aegis of The Ministry of Culture, The Govt. of India.   




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