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When Tagore Meets the West 

When Tagore Meets the West: Symphonic Presentations of the 5 Dance Dramas and Musical Dramas written by Rabindranath Tagore is a Fully Funded, Research-based Creative Project Sponsored by The Ministry of Culture, The Govt. of India. The Director and Orchestrator of this Project is Upamanyu Kar. The Historic Project is based on the Creative Research named as Symphonic Arrangement. 

Trailers:  Watch / Listen 






1. Shyama

2. Chitrangada

3. Kalmrigaya 

4. Mayar Khela

​5. Chandalika


Date(s) & Venue(s) of the Performances:  TBA 

Date(s) / Mode(s) of Publications of the Research / Project Materials:  TBA 



Junior Fellow (JF) 

The Ministry of Culture

​The Govt. of India​ 

When Tagore Meets the West - Poster
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